November 2009 – Canadian Healthcare Technology – by Thomas Hough, CMC

Why healthcare providers should consider "Software as a Service"

Since the mid 1990s the Internet has brought many things for consideration to medicine. One of them was the Application Service Provider, or ASP for short. There were many different variations on the ASP model in the early 2000s, when vendors thought this would be a good way to get their technology accepted by healthcare providers.
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July 2009 – Canadian Healthcare Technology

Analytics solution aimed at DI departments

TORONTO – Thomas Hough, President of True North Consulting & Associates Inc., has announced the market availability of Clearica3. TNC’s unique decision support software is designed specifically to help Diagnostic Imaging (DI) departments increase and sustain higher levels of productivity.
"For years DI has struggled with the lack of real-time operational information for comparing today's performance against yesterday's and for obtaining accurate "apple-to-apple” benchmark operational levels between hospitals," said Hough.
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June 2009 – Canadian Healthcare Technology – by Thomas Hough, CMC

DI departments can improve workflow by tracking and measuring

There is an old management axiom, which states, "If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it". In today’s world of technology, repetitive processes and evidenced-based decision-making, this has never been more true. Imagine trying to launch the space shuttle or erecting a building like China’s National Stadium (a.k.a the "Bird’s Nest") without measuring and managing the numbers.
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November 2008 – Canadian Healthcare Technology – by Dianne Daniel

Analytic system for DI aims to improve performance and patient care

In Ontario, there are four times as many MRI machines in use today than 15 years ago. Yet, patient wait times for these types of medical imaging tests still range anywhere from five to 14 weeks. Thomas Hough, founder and president of Mississauga, Ont.-based True North Consulting & Associates Inc., is aiming to improve those statistics with the release of Clearica3 (pronounced Clearica cubed), a web-based decision support tool his company has developed.
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September 2008 – Healthcare

Clearica3 – accelerating operational efficiencies within Diagnostic Imaging

TNC will unveil Clearica3, a new Diagnostic Imaging Business/Operational Intelligence Management Tool at the OHA Conference. At the heart of Clearica3 is a dynamic interactive digital dashboard displaying real-time operational efficiency Key Performance Indicators.
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