Clearica3's utilization software automatically collects and integrates real-time disparate data from the hospital's RIS, PACS and DI Modalities into a single presentation delivery system, providing valuable up-to-the-minute insight into DI operations which current hospital information systems cannot readily supply at the time of need.

With the availability of real-time Key Performance Indicators for each DI modality device accompanied by a suite of “institution specific” STATCard Reports, Clearica3 users can quickly identify and address operational performance issues before and as they arise. With accurate information at their fingertips, users can make well informed, evidence-based decisions about workflow and process changes to accelerate and sustain department productivity. Clearica3's dynamic DI Modality Utilization gauges allow users to easily track the progress of operational changes for each modality device.

Clearica3's Regional STATCard Reports enable senior hospital administrators to obtain true apple-to-apple DI operational benchmark comparisons between participating facilities employing Clearica3. Data from four different areas is measured and compared using Clearica3's “Gold Standard Dictionary”, then presented in the same format for each hospital, providing true one-to-one or one-to-many comparisons. In addition, the application offers the flexibility for each user to select specific levels of granularity for the display of information, enabling comparisons across longer or shorter time periods.

"Clearica3 has been up and running within our facility for less than two months, it augments data provided through traditional financial reporting tools by providing real-time operational information by modality that helps to explain what we see there. We are pleased with the depth of operational intelligence as well as the ease of use and look forward to Clearica3 helping us accelerate efficiencies through each area of our department", said Lynne Campkin – Director Diagnostic Services, Markham Stouffville Hospital, Markham, Ontario.