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Clearica3's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – the key to measuring DI operational performance.

Real-time operational KPI's with accompanying drilldowns are available for the following modalities: General Radiography, CT, Mammo, MRI and Ultrasound.

  • Modality utilization by device by site
  • Patients Waiting
  • Patient Flow
  • Exams in progress
  • Exams taken
  • Number of exams to be reported
  • Exams reported today
  • Exams reported year to date
  • Workload Units
  • Actual time capturing images during current shift by device
  • Amount of workload units for exam mix for current shift as per CIHI recommendations
  • Amount of workload units completed for exam mix for current shift as per hospital exam code dictionary

Main benefits of Clearica3's Key Performance Indicators.

  • Obtain insight as to what and why things happen that are not presented in monthly financial reports
  • Empower personnel to address problems as they arise and not after the fact
  • Optimize scheduling patterns by using data on exam completion
  • See results from workflow changes within a day – not months
  • Demonstrate the sustainability of improvements over extended periods of time
  • Demonstrate quantifiable achievements in productivity
  • Respond quickly to senior management requests for up-to-date information
  • Ability to better understand event relationships within a department
  • Ability to re-engineer workflows based on facts rather than guessing
  • Provide information where and when it is needed to optimize productivity
Clearica3's STATCard Reports provide complex data collections you can understand.

Clearica3 provides comprehensive STATCard Reports to assist in tracking performance levels both at the individual site specific level (Local Reports), as well as operational performance benchmark comparisons between participating healthcare facilities (Regional Reports). Clearica3's on-demand STATCard reporting tool presents real-time data collections in a visually-rich and understandable format.

Local Reports

Local Reports present reports for specific institutions or site campuses. These reports offer real-time operational performance insight enabling users to make well informed, evidence-based decisions regarding workflow and process changes to improve and sustain department productivity.

  • Modality Utilization (past 30 days)
  • Number of Patients by Hour per Modality Device
  • Exam Report Turn Around Times
  • Daily Inpatient/Outpatient/ER Exam Ratios
  • Real-Time Inpatient/Outpatient/ER Exam Ratios
  • Workload Units by Modality by Shift

Regional Reports

Regional Reports present true apple-to-apple DI operational performance benchmark comparisons between participating healthcare facilities. Data is measured and compared using Clearica3's Gold Standard Dictionary and is then presented in the same format for each of the hospitals in the comparison.

  • Regional Modality Utilization Comparison
  • Regional Workload and Exam Volume Comparison
  • Regional Monthly Revenue and Exam Volume Comparison
  • Regional Modality Revenue and Exam Volume Comparison

Main Benefits of Clearica3's Local and Regional STATCard Reports.

  • Reports available on demand
  • Ability to visualize exam volumes over 24 hour periods to optimize staffing requirements
  • Monitor modality performance at remote sites - decisions based on facts
  • Modality report times – visualize trending on report graphs
  • Provide accurate/consistent internal benchmarking
  • Investigate modality revenue trends
  • On-line inter-hospital benchmarking comparisons between peer hospitals
  • Compare with top quartile performers using Clearica3
  • Regional Technical Fees/exam volume benchmarking
  • Regional revenue/modality and exam volume benchmarking
Clearica3's Exam Completeness Tab assists in improving data quality.

The Exam Completeness Tab (ECT) presents real-time information to assist all DI staff in improving and maintaining the quality of their DI data. The ECT displays dynamic information about the quantity of accession numbers received by Clearica3 each day.

Main Benefits of Clearica3's Exam Completeness Tab.

  • Accelerates reconciliation of exceptions; integrates data from disparate systems into a single source for investigation and quick re-entry of a patient study back into production, resulting in improved patient care and allows Radiologists to complete more exams in the same time
  • Real-time graphical indicator of data quality issues requiring attention, resulting in improved data quality
  • Improving data quality decreases the time, cost and effort of data transfers and data migration
  • Real-time visual indicator of patient exams in the system, saving the clinician's time by presenting information in a single source rather than querying multiple systems
  • View the Exam Completeness Tab presentation