Three simple questions, which can reap financial benefits.

1. Are you leaving money on the table?
2. Do you know if your billing of payers is correct/optimized?
3. When was the last time your exam code dictionary within the RIS was reviewed and/or updated?

The answers to these three simple questions and other best practices can be obtained through TNC’s Procedure Code Review. Leveraging TNC’s extensive knowledge base of CIHI Workload and Provincial Billing codes will ensure that your hospital is not missing out on revenues. Maximizing revenue potential based on current accepted best practices is simply a good management practice and investing in a TNC Procedure Code Review today will reap financial benefits for years to come.

The TNC difference

  • Leading Procedure Code subject matter experts
  • Proven processes and procedures that deliver results
  • Certified Management Consultants (CMC) – delivering the highest level of consulting based on the CMC code of professionalism and ethics

The end result

The re-organization of your facility’s dictionary codes and workload units into a well thought out and logical format enables your hospital and clinicians to optimize the billing of payers based on current best practices.