A clear understanding and appropriate direction.

Successful organizations and institutions think and plan strategically. They develop strategies aligned with their core beliefs and values that best accomplish their goals and objectives to achieve their vision. This level of planning is visionary, conceptual and provides a common direction for everyone in an organization or department to follow. Simply put, a Strategic Plan is an organization’s or department’s process of determining where it currently stands, where it wants to be and how it’s going to get there.

For the past eleven years healthcare facilities have come to rely on TNC’s expertise to help guide them through their DI strategic planning initiatives. The combination of TNC’s extensive DI management experience and proven track record allow for plans to be developed in less time, with lower cost and less risk providing for a much faster return on investment.

The TNC difference

  • Senior subject matter experts with years of DI management experience
  • Proven processes and procedures that logically guide you through all stages of the planning process
  • Certified Management Consultants (CMC) – delivering the highest level of consulting based on the CMC code of professionalism and ethics

The end result

A Strategic Plan with clearly defined and realistic goals accompanied by a comprehensive roadmap allowing personnel to think strategically and act operationally to attain established objectives. TNC strategic plans are developed following a tried and proven due diligence process, addressing and mitigating risks and are delivered in less time and at less cost then if undertaken internally. A TNC strategic plan is realistic and attainable, one that senior administration will feel confident in and willing to execute.